What happens if I order in the wrong size?

If you find that you order a product in the wrong size, please reach out to info@theotakugate.com immediately and we may be able to adjust the sizing of your order.

Do you use US size or Asian size in your size chart?

Our size chart and ordering options are all intended for US/EU order sizing. We have factory locations in China that use tags for Asian sizing; however, we have manually adjusted the options on the site so that you do not need to worry about the conversion. With this conversion, you may receive items that are tagged in a different size than you ordered.

I received only part of my package, where is the rest of it?

Most of our products are made-to-order and because some are quicker to make than others, we ship products out as soon as they are finished so that you can receive them as quickly as possible. For any questions, please reach out to info@theotakugate.com